Love Can Take You Past Your Thoughts…

05 Feb Love Can Take You Past Your Thoughts…

We understand there is a responsibility of thought and the mastery of our mind, is tantamount to allow Love and unconditional expression of it.

What thoughts are you allowing and what thoughts are you sending to others.

The connection is growing stronger…not only as we expand on our personal journey but others who are mindlessly oblivious.

So as you shift and expand your thought forms, ( called such because you will come to realize that thoughts are packets of information and often times illusionary) you attract the same positive expression of the thought forms of others.

This is where and how the expansion to others in their unconsciousness will grow and affect the resonance of all.

So as we continue to expand move forward and raise our vibration resonating on a higher and higher level. This will spread to the collective we ring all those in our lives and up with us.

Sacred witness- becomes a tool we can access to be in the profoundness of this moment. To choose a thought form, the thought form in which we next engage.

The bubble of this now, where you come to a place where you are not attached and in the void. Where you can and do stand in the center of the storm.

The goal is to be able to be selectively responsive to what emotion, feeling and ultimately choice we make next on all dimensions of our selves, and not be affected by your own or the thought forms of those we are surrounded by or the ones we love.

Being able to observe the thought forms of the larger world around becomes important to us so we can be aware enough and not get attached because we then indulge. Our vibration then lowers and we contribute to the declaration of our collective vibration.

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