Know Yourself From the Inside Out and Embrace Love

05 May Know Yourself From the Inside Out and Embrace Love

This is a time to become present to the greater grander vibration…beyond who you believe you and your mind have created, nurtured and modeled into your current self.

This current process of finding yourself can be as fats or as slow as you like, there is an internal setting, a climate control of sorts…that you have total control of…

First you must become aware of it and where internally it sits in your physical body.

Know that your current state, experience is fully committed to the mind and your thoughts, and ultimately your ego.

At times much if mot all of this feels outside of yourself, but at this moment…if you are noticing changes in your lives, changes in your physical bodies or health, changes in the way you feel or what you desire in your life… these are all current outside indicators, the racket and constant dim of your mind and thoughts.

The outside the thoughts sound like..

From your mind they may look like…

Am I the only one experiencing this… Am I going crazy…

From your body it sounds like…

Your body maybe rebelling, rashes, break outs, aches, pains you maybe attributing to stress, aging, getting a cold, allergies…

You may feel exhausted, don’t have the same energy, can’t get enough sleep

From your soul, you will get “signs”

The undeniable feeling you want more for your life

Seeing repeated numbers like 1111, 222, 4444…

Your body, mind and soul are telling you something…some things. All of these examples and so many more examples that can come on dramatically or more subtley. These are all validation for you that you are being called to know yourself, from a deeper more aligned and authentic sense of who you are and are becoming. You are being called to shift how you are vibrating and called to move up into a higher expression of yourself.

Always remember these “signs” are external, and coming from outside of you…these are all indications to begin to look inward on a deeper level at who you are and how you have been living your life.

All the answers you need for real change and internal shifts are all inside you in your greater knowing of yourself.

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