Be in Wonder and Curiosity…To Find the Truth of YOU

15 Aug Be in Wonder and Curiosity…To Find the Truth of YOU

Our lives have become so BUSY and FILLED…so scheduled and booked…as this activity of filling your schedule to the point of imbalance has become one of the biggest activity within the living of life. Often times once the imbalance is created it is very hard for someone to see, but what can’t be denied is that we can feel it. Life begins to feel like a chore, a record of tasks, events and activities that run on repeat everyday.

But what do we lose?

What is behind all this activity?

And at what cost do we sustain/uphold and persevere the imbalance. Living some future event or turning point that we feel will allow us the luxury of creating the balance in our lives that our soul is longing for…

The biggest skill we have as human beings is our state of wonder and curiosity… our ability to stop and review, stop an shift our lives, stop and address the disconnect we feel somewhere deep inside us. But we don’t really realize or know that this malaise, exhaustion and dullness in life is really…disconnect.

A disconnect from the simple act of wonder and curiosity…I say act because it is intentional, something you actually have to consider to do, something that you have to get off the wheel of life, if even for a moment, to experience.

And I would challenge you, reader to begin to look inside yourself, what is one small thing your curious about, a subject, an activity, a desire you have long forgotten, I encourage you to do a little research, go on Google for further information…

What is something that you have been curious about since childhood?

How about just being with yourself for a moment, to check in and to remember some of the things you would really like to try, to do, to see, to explore.

While you wash a glass, as you cook a meal, on your drive or commute home or to work, dropping the kids somewhere…there are moments, all there… so many of them during your day. Inviting you to just check in with yourself, use your curiosity to regress, remember, return if you will, to the wonder of when you were a child, when you were in love with… something the one or two things, activities that brought you to a feeling a space of pure connection to yourself and maybe even joy.

During my childhood, we didn’t have a lot but I knew that one of the things that would get me in wonder and connected was my bike. In my head I could be anywhere in minutes on my bike, exploring, letting my curiosity lead the way and be in wonder at every small thing I found along the way.

I am sure for you there are a few thing you can think of immediately to put you in that feeling of curiosity and wonder…the feeling of it is so important.

You will find the more you take these moments the more you want to have more moments. And before you know it you may read a book, take a class, watch a film about a topic just for the joy of satisfying your curiosity.

Yes it’s is that simple to begin…balance begins with you and how you inspire your own curiosity. Balance begins when you decide to do one small act to satiate you. As you take these moments for yourself, feelings will come up, notice them and follow the good vibrations they bring, the ones that make you feel into the joy and reward of those remembered moments.

Your feelings are guiding you back towards yourself and part of why you are here in this human experience is to become more of yourself. And how can you do that if you don’t allow yourself to be who you are in every moment?

Many times when we go back into a memory it triggers a feeling that we can then bring forward into our present lives, this moment…right now.

The act of becoming more of who you are is a very natural evolution. It’s something that’s organic, something you allow to happen, just as the flower allows itself to bloom. It’s a natural process, but you must first allow yourself these moments to go inside to use curiosity and wonder to guide you to your biggest discovery…to your truest self, the one that lies at the core of your being, under all the layers of activities, events, obligations, roles and even trauma of your life to this point.
If you have happened upon this post…you are right where you are supposed to be, no matter what that may look like in your life right now. You are being given an opportunity to be yourself, to honor yourself, and to be true to yourself. Sometimes that it is easier to put others first and then do, be explore for your self…but that mindset is neither balance or Love.

Your decision to be who you are in every moment is an act of self-love. Your decision to honor yourself and listen to that memory, take the moments to go inside, listen to the feelings that come up, listen to what your body is telling you, is the most important decision that you could ever make.

A decision that will start you on your journey to the biggest task you are here to accomplish in this life…the journey of self discovery, the rightful ownership of your own Authenticity.


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