Intuitive Tune Ups

Sometimes the Clarity and Validation you need, Can happen in one reading or in a series of short, concise sessions…Quick Intuitive Check-Ins.

  • Use these to gain focus on must happen results and clear direction for your life, relationships, business and soul’s growth.


  • Discover shift and reframe old and outdated patterns of habit.


  • Gain intuitive inspiration on your next steps forward.

Mentoring. Support. Clarity. Validation. Insight. Connection.

Here are the nuts and bolts of these quickie sessions…


In a unique pairing of my deep intuition and oracle or angel decks insight and clarity is achieved.

The cards are tools, used to enhance the incoming information and clarify our dialog in order to answer your questions and move you in the properly chosen direction.

These sessions are highly personalized and offer tremendous support, clarity and needed validation.

They are scheduled on a monthly basis to be used weekly for 4 consecutive weeks. Each individual session is 15 minutes in length.

Yes! I'm Ready...

Before my session with Zina, I had felt a lot of turmoil with conflicting desires (love and freedom) in my romantic relationship.  From the first session, I experienced so much peace, clarity, and closure surrounding the topic.  I say closure because I heard everything I needed to hear from Zina to put it to rest.  The follow up sessions helped me feel more complete, confident, and clear with where I’m at, and best of all, I can enjoy my partner without being stuck in my head!  I highly recommend sessions with Zina, and am so appreciative of our time together.

H. V.C, Florida

“My sessions with Zina, helped me so much. I was facing a few very stressful situations in my life, new home ownership, career change, over involved parent, to name a few. Her guidance and intuition were spot on in all areas, this gave me real clarity and validation and helped me see what steps to take in each area. I loved how each session was quick and to the point and covered each issue that I was stressed about. Real accurate and spot on…”

M.K.J, Alabama