What clients have to say…

I have no words to express my gratitude and love for Zina. Working with her is like talking to a soul sister who listens attentively and truly knows to read between lines. She sees when your thoughts go astray into the habitual patterns that cause havoc in the outside. Most importantly, she lovingly gives you clear, powerful and simple tools to manage your mind, catch yourself when old patterns appear and choose the empowering thoughts. She gives you her whole support throughout the process and makes it fun and easier. She’s the perfect balance between objectivity and subjectivity in each session, you don’t want too much of one or the other.

M.V.P, Spain

I have received coaching support from Zina, and cannot thank her enough for steering me in the right direction. Her coaching skills are phenomenal! I was challenged with getting started on a large project and I was feeling unfocused and overwhelmed. Zina brought a lot of calmness and peace, making me feel more centered and committed to this project. I was able to come up with answers on my own.  Her guidance was incredible… She held me accountable and honored the achievements I made to meet the step-by-step goal for my project. I highly recommend her services, because of her commitment, I am well on my way to achieving the goals we worked on together as a team.

F.R, Maryland

Zina is a great listener; she reads between the lines and hears the things I wasn’t even saying.  She made me feel free and safe to say the things that were on my mind.  She helped me to look at my fears and concerns from a broader outside view.  That gave me a chance to focus my ideas and create a plan. The vision I had for my life is starting to happen.

M.M, California

I wanted to let you know how meaningful and right on your words were to me last night and every night we’ve talked. I am so grateful for your divine intelligence and your connection to the universal wow! And so graced and honored to be in its presence.

I love you, Zina. Gratitude is not even a big enough word to contain my thanks.

You are part of the path that led me to finding the love of my life. You can never know how your spiritual support and guidance gave me the open heart to allow me to find my twin flame, I feel like I’ve come home. I’m always and forever thankful for our work together and our friendship.

I.C, Pennsylvania

Zina has a lot of empathy.  She was with me every step of the way; she is caring supportive and very truthful. Coaching with Zina gave me more clarity, and I was able to learn new ways to bounce back from negative feelings and thoughts I kept experiencing. I was able to see and verbalize what I thought I should do next.

J.A, New Jersey

Love u so much Zina. I feel fine and ready and have prepared and I have a beautiful home in the country that will be my safe place. Thanks to you I was able to get clarity and commit to changing myself and my home life. I have gathered some more support and really have thought things through and have a plan that feels doable and feels like truth to my soul. Thank u!!!

S.F, Oregon

“Just had a beautiful conversation w/ Zina She has been my go to person on awareness and seeing myself and all my habits. She helps me really understand how my thoughts and old ways of doing things limit me. Our sessions help me to see and be more of my true self, and improve myself weekly. I am moving towards my truest self. Zina has helped me so much and I’m so grateful for her in my life”

J.M, Georgia

Working with Zina has been a great experience, this is my first time working with a coach and I am glad I decided to try it out. In the short time meeting with Zina, I have regained my confidence and also gained a lot of clarity about myself. We worked on tools and techniques that showed me how to stop my thoughts, and get rid of the old ways I saw myself.  I have also been able to see more choices in every situation that comes up in my life. I have learned how to change old habits, like thinking and analyzing too much, doubting myself, and I no longer seeing life from such a black and white perspective. I can now see situations at my job, with my girlfriend, family and friends, much clearer and can make better choices and have different more clam reactions to the stresses in my day-to-day life. I am a much calmer, my thinking is clearer, and I am now a person who can and does trust my gut about everything in my life.  I can honestly say I am a happier more open and self-aware person because of my work with Zina.

J.C, New Jersey

Zina is an amazing, intuitive, compassionate person who helped me understand that by quieting my fears, taking risks, being open to making mistakes and changing directions, I CAN do what I love. “Music in the soul can be heard by the Universe.”

Lisa, New Jersey

Zina is humble, open, nurturing understanding and empathic style in coaching allowed me to feel safe and in a trusted environment to open up share my issues freely and go forward to find an answer. Her strong intuition and sincere interest in my well-being empowered me to search for the meaning, clarity and purpose that I was yearning for. Your curious approach, truly being interested and wanting to understand what I was trying to express, allowing me to recognize your investment in the process and your commitment to being of service to me. Thank you for the awesome opportunity to work with you.

D.M, New Jersey

One of my favorite things about Zina is the constant encouragement; each realization and new perspective felt like an accomplishment. I saw new insights about myself really quickly and gained valuable tools to stop me from falling back on old behaviors. Zina made me feel like I could say anything and not feel judged. She really gained my trust.

J.C, Arizona