For years I was in tears and feeling stuck and really suffering through life. I spent a lot of time focused on my past and reliving hurtful experiences I had gone through.  I just kept asking…Why me?  When will it change?
I began looking for answers outside myself. Thinking and searching…thinking some more, searching some more…get the cycle I was in?
I found myself doing and trying many, many things, reiki, sweat lodges, soul retrievals, EFT, past life regression, hypnotherapy….seeking and searching, again and again… not really getting anywhere, years passed and I found myself in the same big loop. Yes, I won’t deny that much of that searching gave me insights, techniques and understanding. I took bits and pieces from it all, but at the end of the day I was still on that endless searching loop.

Hi, I’m Zina

I began my practice as a Authenticity Coach, and Intuitive Mentor, with a deep understanding that I could help people and  I am clear exactly how I help people. I work with them to transform how they think, which in turn leads them to living authentically and seeing, really seeing that their lives a re filled with choices many, many choices.
What I learned was all the searching and thinking I had previously done, was driven by my desire to heal the pain I was holding from my past. I was driven by healing this pain that was still with me and was hell bent on releasing the hold it had on me.

How did I finally get here, to inner peace, expanded confidence and a deep certainty about who I am?

I could easily have gone down the road of self numbing, avoidance and just checking out of life. Or I could have continued to stay in my comfort zone of using destructive behaviors to cope with all the stuffed feeling I was holding inside of me.

 What changed?  How did I make the shift and get results in my life?

It really worked deliberately shifting my thoughts and overall break down of my old mindset, and with persistent inquiry, determination, steadfast resilience and a continual process of acknowledging and then stepping forward through my fears, doubt and mind chatter.

Does that sound like a big change? Maybe…but completely available for everyone…

I promise you it can happen…in small measured steps, paired with intentional self acceptance and following the inspired action that come up.

 How am I so certain change is possible for you? 

Because there are processes, wisdom and techniques proven over time, that we are sensitive, open and aware people are gifted with…it is the same capacity and desire to live more aligned with our own authenticity.  I’ve been through it…In my instance I had a past filled with childhood trauma, been in toxic unhealthy relationships being controlled and emotionally bullied…experiences that left me feeling emotionally isolated, alone and feeling invisible to the outside world. I have over came depression, lack of worth and value and even coming to realize that my sensitive nature is a powerful asset not a weakness…there was so much more.

 Are ready to release yourself from the bonds of your past?

To get rid of emotional overwhelm, crippling overthinking…ready to abolish self doubt and the general yuckiness of feeling stuck in life and unable to even decide which clear direction to take to move you forward.

Are you ready to live in your authenticity…embrace choice in your life… step into renewed self confidence… start living a more focused and intentional life filled with clarity and freedom from the most authentic place inside you.

A life where you can be vulnerable, fully self expressed and clear minded. Ready and capable of embracing yourself, going after your dreams and desires.
  •  If you want to regain self confidence in your ability to make clear and focused decisions that work for you.
  • If you are tired of wanting change, and not knowing what that looks like OR how to get there.
  • If you know that you need to first understand understand yourself and how you think, react to and feel about your life.
  • If you deeply feel that new insights and wisdom combined with consistent self inquiry will allow you to shift your beliefs and create real and lasting change.
  • If you want to experience the freedom of undoing your past, redesigning your future and allowing yourself to return to it’s natural state of true authenticity, inner peace and deep wisdom.
If you are ready to shift your thoughts, live life on your terms, in a more authentic way, you can schedule some time for a chat with me. Together we can get clear on where you are and what you’d like to change. Once we’ve gotten clear about those two important components, I’ll suggest a few options to move you forward.
Let’s spend some time together…book a Clarity Call today. Let the focus be on YOU!