1:1 Coaching

It’s time to live life on your terms, in a uniquely transformative way.

Now more than ever, Make the choice to embody and stand solidly in your Authenticity
Transformation Happens from the Inside Out!

What if you could really master a life where, the power of your heart, intuition and body working in unison. And to be easily able to use that power, daily, to transform your thoughts, feelings and reactions to all the people and events in your life…

  •  What if you could stop going from 0-60 reacting to life and being able to see the choices that allow you to then respond to life…


  • What if you could learn how to express your feelings and thoughts in a way that was healthy, vulnerable and authentic…


  • What if you could transform overwhelm into clarity, stuckness in to freedom, depression into understanding and isolation into acceptance…

Coaching. Support. Expression. Clarity. Insight. Authenticity.

During our time together, we will get clear about, where you are… a kind of state of the union, but for your life…then we focus on what area you think you would like to shift.


As the sessions progress we work to identify and shift your old habits and your personal patterns of thought, that maybe causing you dissatisfaction, stress and unhappiness. The undefined ways you are being that could be causing, heartache, loss and old hurts…


That may be creating distorted views of yourself and your relationships.


You know the ones, the thoughts, reactions and habits that hold you in the past, the ones that stop you from trusting yourself and stop you from really stepping into the all the possibility that exists in your life, whether you see them or not.


The powerful work we do together quickly and effectively break down the blocks you are holding, the false perceptions from where you view your life that are stopping you from experiencing all the love, joy and possibility already available in all your relationships.

Here are the nuts and bolts of the 1:1 coaching package…


  • Weekly- 60 minute sessions, through Zoom/Skype, by phone or in person.
  • Unlimited email support between calls

Please be aware, this package requires a 3 month commitment. This is to allow for as much progress as possible, on a consistent basis.

Let’s have a more detailed chat, to see if 1:1 coaching is for you

If you are ready to shift your thoughts and live life in a transformative way, and more importantly on your own terms, make sure to schedule an in person call.

Together we get clear on where you are and where exactly in your life your feeling you want shift or change. We’ll then work to identify and get really specific on what it is that is causing you discomfort that has maybe altering or distorting your view of yourself.

Once we’ve gotten super clear about those two important things…I’ll suggest a few options to get you moving towards your desired shifts.  

You can schedule that chat HERE…

If you know you’re ready to get started, hit the big orange button below… Either way let’s talk soon!!

Yes! I'm Ready...

” Zina really inspires to people to look inside themselves, and guides people to look at the stories they tell themselves and take responsibility for their own happiness. Zina never preaches her truth; but showed me (with examples from her personal experience) how to acknowledge and move through pain, so that I could discover my own unique truth. Her approach is compassionate but not in any way enabling. She shows you a different perspective and always finds a way that resonates with me. Zina always speak the truth, but at the same time understands that each person needs to hear it in the best way for them. Long story short, she takes the time to get to know people, so she can help them heal in the most efficient way for them.”

  J.C, California

” Zina has a way of getting to the kernel at the center of things, she makes insights easy to understand by always creating visuals for me to follow and see, the point she is making. She is direct yet open, warm yet respectful, and kind yet strong.”

  A.R, New Jersey