Merging Into the Wholeness of …YOU

05 Apr Merging Into the Wholeness of …YOU

You must walk through the ego and merge it, not kill it, merge it…As it is still acts as an important tool, it is important to not let the ego drive the car (meaning your life).

As we the observer facilitates the merge of the ego…

We are not separate from the ego…it is only the ego that sees itself as separate…

Oneness (of which observer is a component) is only Oneness…it has never known itself as separate…

Separation is an ego construct, our job is to embrace the ego while we raise our vibration and then usher it (ego) in to Oneness…

Will the ego ever be able to merge into Oneness? Yes but it will pit up a fight…every step of the way.

The ego from it’s body centric existence is ascending and from the opposite direction is Observer descending meeting in the middle way…the macro and micro of separation.

Ego/Divinity two sides of the same coin

We as humans are not ascending on an internal journey…we are ascending beyond into Oneness and All that Is.

We access the knowledge directly as we raise our vibration

Ascension + Descension + Oneness

The being is of our Infinite and eternal self

The doing is the merry making of the human existence.

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