Using Surrender For Manifesting With Ease

05 Jun Using Surrender For Manifesting With Ease

Surrender oftentimes feels to hard to touch, hard for the mind to let go and float in the river of trust…

Sometimes so far to reach as we are entangled in the process or drama of the events, people and relationships that hold us..

But what is plain is it is always available to you and it is from where you will find the faith and confidence to continue on.

Surrender from a deeper perspective, is always a merging of your self. It acts as a vehicle to wholeness and a complete understanding of the ideas and illusions you have been living with. The process is an active way to merge all parts of the story and disparate parts of self and walk into Oneness as you whole self.

Also know that all phases of this process are taxing and not as perceived by people who are actually on this journey inward. All will transform and you will get to your destination…but it does not work this way, this thinking is too linear. Remove the romance of this process, the road varies and it if often not straight and has many branches on one’s path.

Each person is tasked with holding and wearing this mantle of his thoughts, desires ego and ultimately the desired deep connection to Love.

This idea of a linear experience is too literal, we do not always go from A to B, this journey is about unfolding and going where the soul needs healing, expansion and remembering.

We are living this experience individually, as different as snowflakes, your journey, story and unfolding is a literal world of difference from the person next to you.

You are each the pearls of your world and your experiences, the agitation, irritation and living of life has given you. Just as time is not linear and exists by human measurement, as we have access to the spiral that encompasses past, present and future all available now. So along this journey always intend to be in the spiral, that the process of continual surrender offers. The reward…sticking with this process will allow you to release yourself from your thoughts and expectations of what should or shouldn’t be, comparing yourself to others and holding onto your desire to perfectly time or rush your own journey.


Here’s is a quick and powerful way to feel into a future potential that you really want…manifesting

Visualize the outcome (what ever you want or what ever insight you want to clear a block) the broad view, the very macro version, the observer of your world

Now move to the micro version focus on the full details of that future

(deeply entrench yourself in this future, make the vision vivid and hyper intense…see yourself living that future .

Then add

Emotion, how you feel while in your future life. Note physical body sensations while experiencing this future life, Notice what your wearing is there any piece of jewelry or color of lipstick you are wearing.

Add in
How are others responding , reacting to being there in the future you want. How are those with you interacting, how are you experiencing one another.
Try this short exercise with something small, maybe a specific shirt you’ve been looking for, the perfect activity for your child…

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