What if Your Vision Was Crystal Clear?

02 Sep What if Your Vision Was Crystal Clear?

It’s not uncommon for looping thoughts to come into our heads, it’s part of the human condition. Thoughts often masked as doubt, peel the mask away and fear is revealed in all its illusionary glory. Illusionary because if we really look at each thought, there is no evidence to make them real.

I came across a recent article on Facebook, that gave such an interesting perspective on fear, it was written through the lens of innocence, the innocence of a young girl. Her vision still remained unblocked and without limitations of why her dreams COULDN’T come true.

The article focused on what it takes to really chase your dreams and transform your life . What if there were no blocks no limits to achieving your dreams.

Here are the core elements of the article summarized and paraphrased of course. These best pieces are worth remembering.

  1. Your dreams are meant to be shared. Oftentimes we don’t share, because we don’t want to be judged or have our dream diminished.  But with a supportive community or trusted friend, sharing generates inspired action and feeds the excitement for your dream.
  2. Always have your thoughts come from a place of joy. Joy’s energy is infectious and prompts others to want to help you achieve your dream. The joy approach is not always easy, but worth shooting for on a daily basis.
  3. No more hiding or making excuses for NOT going for it…not enough money, not enough knowledge, not enough connections, not enough time…Don’t let your mind stop you before you’ve even started.
  4. Just start, you don’t need another, google search, opinion or certification…Everyday take one small step, move one inch forward in the direction of your dream, you’ll be surprised how the path in front of you opens up and what gifts show up in support of your effort.
  5. Put love at the foundation of your desired outcome. At the core of your dream is a love story. All about connections… connections that provide someone with a problem or need, with a loving solution. Envision your dream as a beautiful circle of completion and service to another.
  6. Draft a “No Fear” policy. Fear loves isolation, which gives opportunity for your mind to mess with you. Fear is the #1 killer of dreams. Fear of the unknown, fear of success, fear of failure, fear of other people’s reactions. The list is endless, and you know what, there is no doubt it WILL show up. Just remember when it does and doubt creeps in…courage is bigger, bolder, badder and stronger. Just because fear shows up doesn’t mean it has to stay for dinner and sleep in your bed.

Just keep taking small steps forward every day. Even while fear is sitting at the dinner table, or whispering to you over your shoulder…what’s one little step, you can do one little step…

Let’s come out of hiding and step into making your dreams, your reality. The world needs your dream fulfilled and realized, remember it’s a love story, YOUR love story with your dream.

Forward!  One small step at a time.



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