The Pearl of Becoming

02 Oct The Pearl of Becoming

You, are the shell wide open and showing your tender insides

At the center is the beautiful pearl of your becoming

Created by the friction of the sands, the rough granules called your life
We know that life has at times ravaged you, brought you to your knees…
it has indeed been difficult, But that has passed,
it is time to embrace the totality of our spirit,
your being,
your request
All these experiences have made you ALL WOMEN,
kin and sister
You are made of the same fabric as these…
 I am the shell of the woman I once was
I am a fragment of the woman I am yet to become
The beckoning of the pearl
in it’s isolation and completion,
Constantly calls to my own,
perfect completion.
 I strive, no ache to BECOME that…
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