Sleeping Human to Awakened Divinity

01 Aug Sleeping Human to Awakened Divinity

I have been on my spiritual journey for many years and I have only recently discovered the journey isn’t a linear step by step one. It is really an unfolding…spiral.
Imagine a huge flower with thousands of petals. As the flower blossoms, the petals open and naturally fall into place. The older petals form the flower’s steady foundation, let’s say those are the first blooms. The newer petals open in subtle waves, they are reflected as new inspiration and daily insights, these new petals are also opening and falling into place. Both create the structure of the flower as they unfold. Our part of the process is to be both the flower as it unfolds and the observer of the flower’s unfolding, as it is about the outcome and the journey’s unfolding all at once.
The flower in full bloom is not more beautiful than each petal…

I have created this space on the web as a travelogue so to speak of my experiences of awakening, ascension, self discovery and self mastery. These notes, poems and posts are meant to be breadcrumbs for those who are looking for clarity and insight on their own journey.

I am a highly intuitive empath, who along this life has gathered-inspiration, wisdom along with many profound experiences of Knowledge and Truth. All accompanied by huge waves of expansion through my own spiritual seeking and mastery. These experiences have come through direct understanding, meditative insights and intuitive flashes, all of these will be expressed in this blog and these writings.

This place is intended to hold a space of spiritual understanding, insight on the journey inward to your spirit’s own awakening.

I am always growing, and I see myself as a student of life and spirit, one with an expanded heart whose mind has been released. Released to explore the vast and amazing gift of this life, here and now on this passage to Divinity. By sharing in this space, my hope is that YOU find understanding, comfort and wisdom about your own path and its direction.

Join in, the illusions a being dissolved and revealed…you are at the edge…and ready to fly. Continue to seek and explore the expanded perspective. While simultaneously living your life from the more detailed human perspective of your life.

Are you ready to live and BE from your Soul, your heart and from your inside out…

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