The Gifts of A Morning Practice…Silent Inquiry & Writing

10 Dec The Gifts of A Morning Practice…Silent Inquiry & Writing

Many months ago I was told about morning practices, and how helpful this process was to one’s spiritual journey. I thought yuck! Something else to become regimented about and to HAVE to do…

So I began and the process became regular and consistent for me. It grounds me and validates many of my experiences through this spiritual journey.  I would like to share these here, I think they can and will be of service to those who are going through their own spiritual journey of awakening.

This is a time to become present ti the greater and higher vibration, beyond who you and your mind have created, nurtured and molded yourselves to be in your current experience of NOW…in this present moment. This current process of awakening can be as quick or as slow as you like. There exists within you an internal setting, a climate control, if you will…of which YOU have full control. But first you must become aware of it and where it sits energetically in your physical body.

Your current state of being in your physical body is fully committed to the mind and it;s thoughts and ultimately one;s ego. At this moment much feels outside of you, if you are noticing changes in your lives, physical bodies, feelings and once held desires…yes these are all outside indicators, the evidence the racket of your own mind and transformation.

FROM YOUR MIND- the thoughts sound something like- Am I the only one experiencing this? Maybe I’m going crazy…

FROM YOUR BODY- the sensations may be- I feel exhausted, don;t seem to have the energy I use to… I Every morning I wake up and feel like I been through a battle while sleeping… Aches and pains you attribute to…stress, aging, getting the flu…

FROM YOUR SOUL- the desires may be- to explore beyond the religion of your upbringing…Requesting of prayers or healing for yourself or loved ones…Wanting more for your life…Seeing repeating numbers…

All of these and so many more are validation for you and your spirit that you are awakening…that your soul is wanting to shift your vibration to a higher octave and finer frequency Make a note all these signs are outside of you external and meant to be indicators for you to begin to look for your answers inside of yourself.

The Universe, and the Higher Aspects of you, are making a request…the answer to your questions will be found within. Will you make this journey?


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