Before I Became Who We Are…

11 Nov Before I Became Who We Are…

Before you began before there was me we were WE,
There was a flicker a spark all of it ME

As the swirls of creation brought us here to be
the I of the ME was made manifest as a stream, a rock and a tree

Alive and supported by All That Is…Goodness thrived and ran through
my every being

As I the ME that is she became…
the ocean parted, yes it cleaved for man and woman to walk through the divide to be free

Free and alive to Choose, and make manifest all that needed to begin
our walk towards wholeness needs to be naked and alone

Along the way we allowed stories to be our Truths
amid all that revere, we denounce the ocean, the tree, the ALL

As we continued to walk our lives we needed the we, the things, the traps the experiences, we believed that those things would make us whole

Seduced and distracted by these illusions, we searched and journeyed ever outward

When all along wholeness’ journey was within
within to what we already know, but along the way we got confused…dazed “thinking” to go forward outside, rather than “feeling” to move forward was inside

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