Are There Blinders On?

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30 Oct Are There Blinders On?

A channeled message…

We are here today to presence this NOW of humanity

There is so much for you all to see and witness

So much to make the heart contract

So much to make us all question our existence

All of this is a reckoning

To open yourselves to the Oneness that is ALL of it

All the experiences, all the injustices, all the joy and tenderness

All experiences are valid, even the egoic demigods who have presenced themselves

All versions of you, all versions of the One

Catapulting all…into shifts of perception

Shifts in ways of thinking,

Prompting us all to ask the bigger questions

What do I really want?

Who am I in the face of injustice or unfairness?

How do I walk my life with my eyes wide open…

With blinders on or off?

Blinders that block the full view of this NOW reality.

Stop and ask yourselves, these questions,

Begin with this inquiry…

Can I be seeing this life…my life…clearer?

What kind of blinders do I allow myself to wear?

Blinders, like

It doesn’t affect me…

One person can’t make a difference…

I have to protect my family…

I have to protect myself…

Why should I bother, life is hard enough…

All of these and more are blinders.

We invite you to look, see and BE with what you see

Invite all your senses to fully see all of it

the violence

the joy

the warmth and kindness

the injustice

the hard and harsh words

All of it,

Be present to it all

Feel each inquiry in all the cells of your vehicle, your being

This knowing once felt, will provide your next steps…if any

You do not need to hear us, not really required to DO anything

But what IS requested is

that you BE everything

to fully know each other.

To fully know ONENESS,



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